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How Google deals with keywords that has dual meaning?

Google encounters millions of searches every day. Everyone has something to search for…

Have you tried searching for something that you even don’t know? Maybe Yes, but didn’t notice it How Google search algorithm will answer to your query

Keywords with Dual Meaning

Have you ever thought about how Google deals with a vague or unambiguous query like “Apple”? How Google algorithm does trigger a result when someone queries for a keyword like an apple? What does in this situation will Google show on top, Apple fruit, or an apple the tech company we all know?

Confused?? So does Google gets as well, maybe not really 😊

So Google answers them very simply that it based on the most user’s intent when they are searching for this type of keywords. When most people search for this keyword like apple, they mostly mean the Apple tech company, not fruit so by default Google shows the Apple the tech company, not the fruit. However, If such intent is more specific like “apple fruit” Google will show them the apple fruit not the Apple tech company. In addition to that Google also shows “People also asks” so it basically depends upon mostly users intent when they are searching for and what they exactly mean, same goes the case with the Jaguar by Jaguar we can mean an animal, a car-we all aspire😊, a football team and many more, on such a vague or unambiguous query Google shows up the result what the users mostly intend when they typed a keyword like a jaguar they mostly mean Jaguar the car, not the animal.
PS-: Google Algorithm is the Blackbox and no one exactly knows How actually Google triggers such situations

Google Keywords Query

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